St Paul's Anglican Parish Ipswich

"A Vibrant Centre of Christian Spirituality in the heart of the city"

About St Paul's

Welcome to St Paul's Anglican Parish Ipswich

St Paul's is part of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. Our community spans the greater Ipswich region, and combining with other Parishes, the Ipswich Deanery is a strong and vibrant community helping each other in celebration and in times of need. Our Parish offers many activities from our Young Adults to the Mothers Union.

Opened for worship in 1859, it is the oldest Anglican church building in Queensland. The rich history of St Paul's extends far beyond the walls of the church itself - telling us stories of people and places, then and now.

St Paul's Variety Market in Limestone Street offers affordable shopping to those in need, and the money raised supports parish ministry.

For more information about our groups, please visit the Community page.

We welcome you to come and join in and share our joy.