St Paul's Anglican Parish Ipswich

"A Vibrant Centre of Christian Spirituality in the heart of the city"


Annual General Meeting

The parish Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 26th February following the 8.30am service. Would all parish organisations please send their reports for the year 2016 to the parish office by Friday 10th February 2017. Thank you

Intercession List

At St Paul’s Ipswich we are mindful of the importance of prayer for those in need. Please help us to keep the list of those we pray for current and ensure that names are removed when that is appropriate. To add or remove names simply contact the parish office on 3812 0377.

St Paul's Anglican Choir

The St Paul's Anglican Choir is currently in recess and will resume in February 2017.

Daily Bread

The next quarter of Our Daily Bread (December, January and February) is now available at the back of the Church.

Bible Study – Pilgrim Follow Study 3 – The Commandments

This study explores the question through one of the core texts of the Christian faith, The Commandments. We will be looking at the two commandments Jesus uses to summarize the whole of the Old Testament law, the call to love God and to love our neighbour as ourselves. We then explore the remainder of the Ten Commandments which were and are near the very centre of our culture and civilization. You are welcome to join any group as listed on the inside of the back page and you don’t need to have been in a previous group. If you would like a book for your own personal study or to join a group, please phone the office (3812 0377).

Pastoral Care

If you are aware that someone sitting near you hasn't been in church for a while or you know someone who is unwell, in hospital, has been in hospital or even a bit 'down' at the moment, please let me know or leave a message at the office and I will follow them up. Rev’d. Shelley 3201 2985.

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