St Paul's Anglican Parish Ipswich

"A Vibrant Centre of Christian Spirituality in the heard of the city"

Past Sermons

Please use the links below to view the past available sermons.

Date Link Author
27 Aug 2017Pentecost 12, "Discerning your vocation"Rev'd Christopher Bate
13 Aug 2017Trust - Pentecost 10Rev'd Steve McMahon
06 Aug 2017The TransfigurationRev'd Steve McMahon
16 Jul 2017Judgement - Pentecost 6Rev'd Steve McMahon
09 Jul 2017Fifth Sunday after Pentecost "Come to me...and I will give you rest"Rev'd Christopher Bate
02 Jul 2017Surprise the WorldRev Michele Knight
02 Jul 2017ThomasRev Michele Knight
11 Jun 2017Trinity - God is one and God is threeRev'd Steve McMahon
04 Jun 2017Pentecost - The arrival of the Holy SpiritRev'd Steve McMahon
25 May 2017AscensionRev'd Steve McMahon
30 Apr 2017Easter 3 - Points of ViewRev'd Steve McMahon
23 Apr 2017The Locked Places In Our Life Rev'd Christopher Bate
16 Apr 2017Easter - Alleluia, Christ is RisenRev'd Steve McMahon
14 Apr 2017Good Friday - The Way of The CrossRev'd Steve McMahon
13 Apr 2017Maundy Thursday - The Final MealRev'd Steve McMahon
12 Apr 2017Holy WednesdayRev'd Steve McMahon
09 Apr 2017Palm SundayRev'd Steve McMahon
12 Mar 2017Lent 2 Faith and Vulnerability Rev'd Christopher Bate
05 Mar 2017Lent 1 Evensong - JudasRev'd Steve McMahon
05 Mar 2017Lent 1 - RewardsRev'd Steve McMahon
01 Mar 2017Ash-Wednesday: True RewardsRev'd Steve McMahon
26 Feb 2017Transfiguration - Sunday before LentRev'd Peter Mayen
19 Feb 2017Forgiveness - Epiphany 7Rev'd Steve McMahon
12 Feb 2017Love one another - Epiphany 6Rev'd Steve McMahon
05 Feb 2017Salt & Light, our true identity Epiphany 5Rev'd Christopher Bate
04 Feb 2017Take a break - CRI Commissioning ServiceThe Rev'd Steve McMahon
29 Jan 2017Practice Compassion - Epiphany 4Rev Michele Knight
22 Jan 2017Division - Epiphany 3Rev'd Steve McMahon
15 Jan 2017The Lamb of God - Epiphany 2Rev'd Steve McMahon
08 Jan 2017Righteousness - The Baptism of ChristRev'd Steve McMahon
01 Jan 2017EpiphanyRev'd Steve McMahon
25 Dec 2016ChristmasRev'd Steve McMahon
18 Dec 2016"Do not be afraid" Advent 4Rev'd Christopher Bate
11 Dec 2016Questioning - Advent 3Rev Steve McMahon
04 Dec 2016It's Good to Talk - Advent 2Rev Steve McMahon
27 Nov 2016A Christmas Carol - Advent 1Rev Steve McMahon
20 Nov 2016Christ the KingRev Steve McMahon
13 Nov 2016RemembranceRev Steve McMahon
06 Nov 2016Local Heroes - All SaintsRev Steve McMahon
30 Oct 2016Saving the Lost - Pentecost 26Rev Steve McMahon
23 Oct 2016Be Childlike - Pentecost 23Rev Steve McMahon
16 Oct 2016Pester Power - Pentecost 22Rev Steve McMahon
09 Oct 2016Ten Lepers - Pentecost 21Rev Steve McMahon
02 Oct 2016The Crisis of Faith - Pentecost 20Rev Steve McMahon
04 Sep 2016New Guinea MartyrsThe Rev'd. Bill Crossman
28 Aug 2016Interdependence - Refugee & Migrant SundayThe Rev'd. Bill Crossman
21 Aug 2016Pentecost 14The Rev'd. Bill Crossman
14 Aug 2016Art and TheologyThe Rev'd. Bill Crossman
07 Aug 2016Sermon - Pentecost 12The Rev'd. Bill Crossman
02 Aug 2016Values - Pentecost 11The Rev'd. Bill Crossman
02 Aug 2016Evensong 31st July 2016The Rev'd. Bill Crossman
26 Jul 2016Pentecost 10The Rev'd. Bill Crossman
17 Jul 2016Christ in us, the hope of glory.The Rev'd. Bill Crossman
03 Jul 2016Sermon on Street Theatre - 7th Sunday after PentecostRev Dr Donald Stewart
26 Jun 2016Patronal FestivalThe Rev'd. Bill Crossman
12 Jun 2016Pentecost 4 - MissionThe Rev'd. Bill Crossman
11 Jun 2016Pentecost 3 - CompassionThe Rev'd. Bill Crossman
29 May 2016Pentecost 2 29 May 16 Dealing with DifferenceThe Rev'd. Bill Crossman
22 May 2016Blue Poles and the Holy TrinityThe Rev'd. Bill Crossman
15 May 2016Pentecost The Rev'd. Bill Crossman
08 May 2016What might the Ascension mean?The Rev'd. Bill Crossman
01 May 2016St Paul's Ipswich 1st May 2016 Sixth Sunday of Easter Year CRev Owen Strong
24 Apr 2016St Paul's Ipswich 24th April 2016 Fifth Sunday of Easter Year CRev Owen Strong
10 Apr 2016The Third Sunday of Easter YCRev Owen Strong
03 Apr 2016Easter 2 YCRev Lizzie Gaitskill
27 Mar 2016Easter Day YCRev Owen Strong
20 Mar 2016Palm SundayRev Owen Strong
06 Mar 2016Fourth Sunday in Lent Refreshment Mothering Sunday Rev Owen Strong
04 Mar 2016World Day of Prayer 2016Rev Lizzie Gaitskill
28 Feb 2016Third Sunday of LentRev Owen Strong
21 Feb 20162nd Sunday in Lent YC Rev Owen Strong
06 Dec 20152nd Sunday Advent YC 2015Rev Owen Strong
29 Nov 2015The First Sunday of Advent YC Rev Owen Strong
15 Nov 2015 25th Sunday After Pentecost YB OS 33 Rev Owen Strong
08 Nov 2015 24th Sunday After Pentecost YB OS32 Rev Owen Strong
13 Sep 201516th Sunday after Pentecost YB OS 24 Rev Owen Strong
06 Sep 2015The Martyrs of New GuineaRev Owen Strong
30 Aug 201514th Sunday after Pentecost YB OS 22 Rev'd Owen Strong
23 Aug 201513th Sunday After Pentecost YB OS21 Rev Owen Strong
02 Aug 201510th Sunday After Pentecost YB Rev Owen Strong
26 Jul 20159th Sunday After Pentecost YB Rev Owen Strong
19 Jul 20158th Sunday After Pentecost YB Rev Owen Strong
12 Jul 20157th Sunday After Pentecost YB OS15 Rev Owen Strong
05 Jul 20156th Sunday After Pentecost YB OS 14 Rev Owen Strong
28 Jun 2015Patronal FestivalRev Owen Strong
21 Jun 20154th Sunday After Pentecost YB OS12 Rev Owen Strong
14 Jun 20153rd Sunday After PentecostRev Owen Strong
07 Jun 20152nd Sunday After PentecostRev Owen Strong
24 May 2015More than just rememberingRev Robert Paget
10 May 2015What is Love?Rev Robert Paget
19 Apr 2015Farewell Sermon Rev Randall Nolan
02 Nov 2014Living in abundant HopeRev Michele Knight
26 Oct 2014The Challenge of a New BeginningRev Dr Donald Stewart
07 Sep 2014My Brother VivianPatrick Redlich
29 Jun 2014St Paul's DayRev Helen Paget
22 Jun 2014Love demands a ResponseRev Helen Paget
15 Jun 2014God with us.Rev Helen Paget
18 May 2014Called to live the way, the truth and the life.Rev Helen Paget
11 May 2014Good ShepherdRev Robert Paget
27 Apr 2014We are sent, that others may also believe.Rev Helen Paget
18 Apr 2014With death comes resurrection - Good FridayRev Helen Paget
06 Apr 2014The promise of new life.Rev Helen Paget
02 Mar 2014Live into your transfigurationRev Helen Paget
16 Feb 2014Epiphany 6Rev Helen Paget
09 Feb 2014Sermon - 9 February 2014Rev Robert Paget
26 Jan 2014Light will overcome the darknessRev Helen Paget
12 Jan 2014The Baptism of Our LordRev Helen Paget
22 Dec 2013TrustRev Helen Paget
15 Dec 2013Singing God's SongKeren Terpstra
17 Nov 2013Pentecost 26Rev Helen Paget
22 Sep 2013When is being dishonourable not dishonourable.Rev Helen Paget
08 Sep 2013What price discipleshipRev Helen Paget
11 Aug 2013TrustRev Helen Paget
21 Jul 2013Spirituality of Martha and MaryRev Helen Paget
07 Jul 2013The Kingdom of God is at HandRev Helen Paget
02 Jun 2013KeysRev Helen Paget